• Allen Uy

    Allen Uy

  • Bojan Ristivojevic

    Bojan Ristivojevic

  • Marcus Chan

    Marcus Chan

    I’m an 18-year-old autistic student who is super passionate about stocks, tech, writing, and more!

  • Khoa Le, Ph.D.

    Khoa Le, Ph.D.

    I do Data Science on Medical Imaging and Finance, and love them both.

  • Sean D'Souza (seen)

    Sean D'Souza (seen)

  • Manu Mathew

    Manu Mathew

    Data engineer who is interested in exploring the territory and possibility of data science, predictive analytics , machine learning and data analytics.

  • atom nix

    atom nix

  • Alim Bhatia

    Alim Bhatia

    Hey! I’m a 19-year-old on a journey, focused on leveraging exponential technologies and sciences towards impacting billions.

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